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Metal Scrap Recycling

Do you have scrap metals laying around your property?

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Sometimes you can let metal pile up until it becomes to overwhelming to deal with on your own. Tetanus is a real risk posed to you from rusty metal frames and pieces. If not treated or vaccinated, you run the risk of getting a fatal dose.

Dont get injured and leave the risk to the professional at Dash Junk Removal. We are quick and efficient and cn be in and out without even hearing any disruptions.

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We have a flexible schedule that can meet your demanding one. If your’re a commercial business you can set up scrap metal recycling pickups on a bi-weekly basis. We are not Waste Management but we are a junk removal company. Are hardworking professionals will give that scrap a run for its money. Residential, Commercial and industrial scrap metal removals..no job is too big for us. If the scrap is in a hard to reach area that is okay, we take the metals to major scraping professionals. we do this so that we know the recycling process will be done correctly, eco friendly to the environment. Don’t risk getting a fatal injury or letting the piles get out o hand